Make this school year memorable for all the right reasons.

Customer service is no longer a “nice-to-have” for school districts. It’s mission-critical.

Every interaction has the potential to make a lasting impression—and can be the difference between families and employees staying or leaving.

School leaders across the nation are increasingly prioritizing and measuring customer service—ensuring families, employees, and other stakeholders feel welcome and valued while driving positive results in key areas, such as family and employee engagement, enrollment and retention, student success, and school culture and climate.

Join our free pre-conference NSPRA workshop to learn how to gather critical customer service baseline data in your district and stop in at our panel discussion to learn how 3 school districts are driving meaningful change by focusing on customer service.

Below you’ll find additional information about these events, along with a handful of free resources to help you and your team strategize for the upcoming school year.


Sunday, July 11 @ 2p.m. CDT or 3p.m. CDT in the Nottoway room

Make or break: Create the experience your customers crave

The start of another school year is just around the corner, and ensuring a positive customer experience has never been more critical. Each interaction can make or break your district in your stakeholders’ minds—and can be the difference between families and employees staying or going. 

Join us for an interactive 50-minute workshop as we explore the power of customer service and how to assess the level of service your district currently provides using the only secret shopping program designed specifically for the K-12 space.

Space is limited. Registration is required.

Tuesday, July 13 @ 2:30-3:30p.m. CDT in the Oak Alley room

Red carpet rollout: Reshaping the school customer experience

The way your district makes people feel matters. Especially as school leaders prepare to welcome back and re-engage families, teachers, staff, and others. Will your district deliver on its brand promise and build strong, trusting relationships or fumble the opportunity and risk families, teachers, and staff going elsewhere? Join us as school leaders across the nation share why they are prioritizing customer service, how they are rolling out the red carpet in their districts, and the impact of their efforts. Plus, get practical strategies for improving the customer experience in your district ahead of and beyond this back-to-school season.

You’ll hear from:

  • Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne, Deputy Superintendent, Walton County School District (FL)
  • Megan Overman, Senior Communications Officer,  Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD (TX)
  • Laura Boss, Public Information Officer, Temecula Valley USD (CA)


As you strategize for back-to-school and beyond, we hope you find these resources useful.

The two most overlooked words in K-12 education
As schools prepare to welcome back families and other stakeholders, school leaders look for quantitative metrics to help measure the impact of customer service. LEARN MORE.

Driving a customer service focus in Walton County School District 
Learn how K12 Insight helps Walton County School District in Florida establish internal accountability, increase collaboration, and provide excellent customer service. LEARN MORE.

You care. But does your school community know it? 
Reveal 6 practical strategies for prioritizing caring in school customer service (and why it matters, especially now). READ MORE.

Navigating back-to-school in Austin ISD 
Learn how K12 Insight helps Texas’s Austin ISD manage a 10x increase in incoming communications during back-to-school season and realize their equity-focused mindset by improving accessibility, increasing engagement, and building trust. LEARN HOW.

Only 30% of districts track these key metrics
The ways stakeholders feel about your schools can have a big impact on performance. Yet, 70% of districts have no way to measure the impact of their customer service. These 3 key metrics can make all the difference. READ MORE.

3 customer service benchmarks every school district should measure
As schools look for ways to re-engage parents and staff this fall, tune in to this on-demand conversation, as three school district leaders share how their districts are using survey and customer service data to benchmark their performance against similar school districts and year-over-year and against themselves. CHECK OUT THE WEBINAR.

4 key strategies for strong, purposeful school district surveys
Not all surveys are created equal. Dr. Alisha Martinez, Data Specialist at Fairfax County Public Schools (VA) outlines 4 strategies you need to know before you administer your next survey. GET THE STRATEGIES.

10 ways to build a culture of exceptional customer experience in schools
Declining enrollment? Disengaged families? Learn 10 strategies for how to deliver strong customer experiences that help you build trust and transform your school culture. UNLOCK THE STRATEGIES.

K-12 leaders: Let them see you cry
Empathy is one of the most important skills for school and district leaders today. Here’s why—and how it helps foster a culture of caring. READ MORE

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