Managing an influx of Let’s Talk! dialogues 

On average, school districts are seeing triple the volume of inbound communications — which we know can take a toll on already overwhelmed staff. 

The good news is you already have a system in place to respond quickly. Even better news: Let’s Talk! has key features that can help your district streamline communications, drive efficiencies, and increase staff productivity — all while ensuring a positive customer experience. 

Below, you’ll find four flexible and scalable strategies for successfully navigating an influx of inquiries using Let’s Talk!

1. Set up automated workflows

Automate routine processes with flexible, rule-based workflows that take the mundane off your team’s plate. System Administrators can create automatic, condition-based workflows in Let’s Talk! to build efficiency, improve performance, and enhance data. Learn more about automated workflows.

Three key workflows to consider if you’re experiencing an increase in dialogue volume: 

  1. Reply to anyone who submits a dialogue to any or select high-volume interest areas letting them know you’ve received their inquiry and response times are delayed. 
  2. Send password questions directly to IT or tech support, regardless of the original interest area, to ensure a timely response.
  3. Tag dialogues with certain keywords — such as COVID-19 or masks —  for easy data analysis later. Learn more about tags.

2. Leverage response templates

Save your team time — and ensure a consistent district message — by developing response templates for you, specific teams or interest areas, or the entire district. These customizable templates give team members a strong starting point when fielding corresponding questions or concerns. Learn more about response templates.

We know you’re busy. If your team is struggling to respond to incoming dialogues in your usual timeframe, let your community know by copying, pasting, and customizing one of the below templates. 

To save more time, create a response template for your team or use one as part of an automated workflow.


Thank you for reaching out to [District/School/Department Name]. We are eager to connect with you! 

Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of inquiries, and it might take longer than usual to hear back. For real-time answers to FAQs, please see our Back-to-School information page at [URL] or try out our Let’s Talk! virtual assistant by opening the pop-out tab on our website and selecting the first option.


Thank you for reaching out! We value every question, concern, comment, or suggestion we receive, and we appreciate your input. Presently, we are experiencing a higher than normal dialogue volume, and it’s taking us longer than usual to respond. Please know that we have received your message and look forward to serving you as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, you might find these resources helpful: 

  • Our {Back-to-school webpage}
  • {COVID-19 updates and safety protocols}

3. Work faster with bulk editor

Close multiple dialogues at once and/or send the same reply to several customers simultaneously with the Let’s Talk! bulk editor feature. Learn more about performing bulk actions.

Some bulk actions that are particularly helpful if you’re experiencing an uptick in dialogues: 

  • Send the same reply to multiple customers
  • Close multiple dialogues or update their status
  • Add team members or set an owner for multiple dialogues
  • Leave an internal comment on select dialogues
  • Tag multiple dialogues at once

4. Automatically answer FAQs with Let’s Talk! Assistant chatbot

Give families and other community members a fast, easy way to get answers with 24/7 automated customer service from any device. Research shows that up to 80 percent of questions can be answered by chatbots — freeing up staff to respond to more personalized or nuanced questions. 

Let’s Talk! Assistant’s new Spanish feature allows users to toggle seamlessly between languages so they can communicate comfortably. Learn more about Let’s Talk! Assistant, including the new Spanish feature, here. 

“Let’s Talk! Assistant is as efficient for us as it is for families. It gives parents an intuitive way to ask questions whenever their schedules allow — even if it’s after hours — and get an immediate, precise response. That frees up our staff to attend to other responsibilities, including high-touch customer interactions.”  — Krista Stockman, Public Information Officer, Fort Wayne Community Schools.

More ways to use Let’s Talk!
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